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Thereminator Eurorack Interface for Theremins

Thereminist Coralie Ehinger wanted to incorporate modular synthesizers with her theremin, so she turned to WaveLicker for help. The result is the "Thereminator", a new Eurorack module!

Thereminator translates CV input from a theremin into up to 3 different gate and trigger signals. Each gate/trigger can be tuned to a different CV threshold and stored. Triggers are fired as soon as the threshold is reached, and gates are held until the incoming CV signal drops below the designated threshold again. 

In the video above, Coralie Ehinger demonstrates triggering percussion samples and ADSR envelopes with the device.

The module is just 4hp and is a skiff-friendly 50mm deep.

How would you incorporate a theremin into your Eurorack rig, or vice versa?

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